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Young professional wealth builder

In general, the earlier a person starts to make financial plans, the more opportunity they have to build up wealth over time. Perhaps the major reason for this is the power of compound interest, which has been described as “the eighth wonder of the world”. As a simple example, if a 50 year-old invested £100,000 and it achieved a 5% return each year until they were 55, the sum would be worth approximately £127,628. If a 30 year-old invested the same £100,000 and achieved a 5% return each year until they were 55, the sum would be worth approximately £338,635.

There are many actions that young professionals can take to build their wealth over time and simply starting early is one of the most powerful methods. It can be difficult for young people to access valuable professional advice on how to build wealth. Having recognised this problem, we now offer a special service geared towards young professionals. This service is focused on keeping costs down while enabling you to have access to specialist advice that can help you to enhance your future financial position. We work with a network of accountants, solicitors and mortgage-brokers which means that we can assist you in coordinating all aspect of your financial planning as we build up a long-term plan to help you to make your money work for you.

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