What is Financial Planning?

JFM SmartPlan™ – a unique and clear advice process

Our more than 25 years of experience has helped us develop a unique and clear advice process – JFM SmartPlan™ to help you identify and achieve your goals. If an investment product is subsequently needed as part of the planning process then we would use our unique investment process – JFM Smart Invest as part of this process. JFM SmartPlan™ and JFM SmartInvest™ have been created by Jordan Financial Management as a result of over 25 years of work on investment planning and processes. The details of these are shared only with our clients.

Identifying your goals

Financial planning is about identifying your goals and aims and then devising a plan to help you achieve them. Financial planning can involve no financial products (i.e. investment or pensions products) whatsoever. Financial products only become part of the advice process when a “financial tool” is needed to help a client achieve their goal (for example a return on cash above inflation so money keeps it’s value over the long-term).

We provide high quality advice

A common misconception in our industry is that financial planning is about selling financial products. It absolutely is not. Yes, a lot of organisations and advisers focus on selling financial products, however, this is very different from financial planning. We are a firm of financial planning specialists who offer high quality advice.

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