Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax

Increasing wealth, and particularly the rise in property prices over recent years, has meant that more people are concerned about, and impacted by, Inheritance Tax. The current rate of Inheritance Tax is 40%, so can result in a very sizeable reduction in the value of assets that some people can pass on to their chosen beneficiaries. It is important to recognise that assets, including a family home, may have to be sold in some circumstances to pay Inheritance Tax liabilities. Furthermore, growing numbers of people are experiencing the problem of the “double-Inheritance Tax Trap”, when assets are passed down the family line. This occurs when a directly received inheritance is added to the recipient’s assets resulting, on death, in the value of the recipient’s own estate being pushed over the Inheritance Tax threshold and the original inheritance being taxed a second time, sometimes in quick succession – we help clients avoid this scenario. We help you to identity any potential Inheritance Tax problems that you or your family might face and also advise you on potential solutions to many of these problems.

We can assist you in understanding the rules around Inheritance Tax to allow you to make decisions and take actions that ensure that, as far as possible, you have control over the way in which your wealth is used and distributed, and to other keep your wealth within your family line, thus protecting against other unexpected issues such as divorce, etc.

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